30-Day Writing Challenge: Day FOUR. A Story in Epistles.

The heat is back. It’s milder than it was last week, but spring is very obviously here. There’s not that much wind today either, and the skies are a crisp, clear blue. It contrasts beautifully with the green, green hills protruding upwards like knuckles in the distance.

I’ve been filling my free time with all things literary. I’ve also become a bit of a book glutton. I’ve started reading Joyce Carol Oates’s Give Me Your Heart, her latest collection of short stories, and the title story is what gave me today’s prompt. It’s rather simple, but was fun: write a short story in the form of  a letter.

It was actually much more difficult than I thought. It’s difficult enough to tell a story in first person, but to do so exclusively in this point of view — namely, without allowing other characters’ voices or perspectives to appear on the page — is much more difficult. Oates does it with limited success given the form, in my opinion, but it was an interesting experiment.

On to the next one.

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